Areas for The Best Camping Experience in Southern California

Areas for the best Camping Experience in Southern California

Best Camping in Southern – california When it comes to the best camping in Southern California, there are several places you can visit. The area of the southern side of the state of California actually has a lot of places you can visit to set up a camp. By the way, to accommodate a long walk during camping, you might want to wear a pair of Hoka One One Clifton 3 since they are so comfortable yet durable. Now, let us see the areas, shall we?

Buttercup Ground Campground in San Bernardino

This is the best campsite you can go to if you wish to find a place which is very tall since it is located at 7,000 feet (2,134 meters) above the sea level. As a more accurate description of where the site is located, the camp can be found inside the San Bernardino National Forest. Since it is inside a national park, you can expect to have some adventure to enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature- you enjoy so many activities when inside the forest, like visiting Big Bear Lake, hiking, biking on the mountains, as well as climbing. Oh, by the way, the features are complete and you can feel just like at home!

  1. Dogwood Campground in San Bernardino

The next site for your best camping in Southern California experience would be the Dogwood Campground. It is located not too far from the first place mentioned earlier. Overall, the features offered and the things you can do here are mostly similar to what you can get at Buttercup. However, though, there are several striking differences. The first one would be that Dogwood is easier to access when you are traveling by a recreational vehicle (RV). Besides, there will usually be interactive programs when you visit it on weekend nights. However, though, just like Buttercup, you need to book the site before you can come.

  1. Emma Wood State Beach in Sacramento

Okay, the first two examples are located within a forest; we could use some new things now. This one is located near the beach of Emma Wood. This one is perfect when you wish for a breeze ocean wind during your camping time. The beach break time that you will find when visiting the place is absolutely peaceful and relaxing. Unfortunately, the beach is unlike the previous two sites since you would find absolutely no facilities around here. Well, those are the places for best camping in Southern California experience!