Tips on Picking the Best Hiking Boots for Women

Tips on Picking the Best Hiking Boots for Women

Best Hiking Boots for Women – Picking the best hiking boots for women is as important as picking a tent, bag, or best socks for sweaty feet to be combined with the shoes. There are several things to consider before you pick the right shoes. Here are the tips in picking hiking boots for women.

Best Hiking Boots for Women Consider the type of shoes

You should be able to suit the shoes with the activity. Low-cut shoes are recommended to newbies, which are shoes with a height under the ankle. You could also use mid-cut shoes that cover the ankle. Both of the shoes are suitable for easy hiking and can be used for a long walk.

Make sure it’s waterproof

The weather in the mountain is usually rainy and you might have to go through small rivers. These obstacles require you to wear waterproof shoes. Gore-tex membrane is the material you want on your shoes to make them waterproof. The material also let your skin breathe and won’t make your feet stink.

Pay attention to the soles

The terrain on your hiking track could be unexpected. It could be sandy, stony, or even full of wet soil. Therefore, picking shoes equipped with serrated and elastic soles is necessary. The shoes will minimize stumble or slip during your walk to the top because the grip is steady and safe.

The weight of the shoes

The weight of the shoes is also important since heavy shoes could tire you out easily and make each step more difficult. There various hiking shoes with a weight less than 1 kg. When you buy the shoes, make sure that you are able to feel the weight by walking with the shoes equipped.

One size bigger

Hiking isn’t all about climbing. There are also downhill slopes, which is quite dangerous. Having one size bigger shoes allow your feet to have more room. This is because when you go through downhill slopes, your feet will be slightly bigger so shoes with a bigger size will give you more comfort.

Style and comfortability

Wearing your socks is recommended when you try out the hiking shoes. This will make you understand the suitability of your feet with shoes. Enough space for your feet move is important for better comfort.

The last thing to consider is the style. Although it is not necessary to have stylish shoes, some people still prefer style rather than comfort. A wise move is to pick the several comfortable shoes and pick one based on your personal preference. With this, you will be able to pick the best hiking boots for women.