Problematic Body Gear: The Materials for The Best Socks for Sweaty Feet

The Problematic Body Gear The Materials for The Best Socks for Sweaty Feet

Best Socks for Sweaty Feet– Finding the best socks for sweaty feet in cold weather can spell a bit of trouble for people in 2019. When you got sweaty feet, you got feet that can easily go wet in work boots. ‘Wet’ and ‘socks’ are not exactly words that can come out together. Wet socks can lead to a myriad of running problems, and many of those problems can range from minor annoyances to basically lethal for the men’s feet. In fact, some of the hiking problems can lead to you having to lose your feet. Because men’s and women’s losing feet is not something that ALL people want, it is bad for you if you kept your sweaty feet in that non-sweat-resistant socks in 2019.

That is why this article will tell you the best socks that you can get for sweaty feet. Not only the socks listed here are sweat-resistant, they are also the most comfortable socks to wear when you are going on a hike or doing something else that requires you to wear socks.

But before that, you need to understand first what causes your feet to sweat excessively in the first place. Without knowledge of it and how to cure it, you will end up buying anti sweat socks all the time. Anti-sweat socks are not exactly cheap whatsoever, so you might want to know first the reasons why your feet sweat and the possible cure for it.

So without further ado, below you will first find out about sweaty feet in general and what might cause you to develop one:

Sweaty feet and the danger it entails

Best socks for sweaty feet

There are many causes, actually. One of the most prominent of the causes, however, is your body getting all overheated. When your body is overheated, the sweat glands within will activate themselves so that it can reduce the temperature of the body. In case you didn’t know, it is a good thing. A body that is too overheated can lead to destruction, so it needs to be cooled down with sweat.

Taking from that, surely you now understand why sweating – no matter if it is your feet, your hands, or your other parts of the body doing the thing – is not a bad thing. Excessive sweating is not a bad thing, too.

It is only bad if you care about public appearance, though. Many people who sweat profusely are often deemed people who do not care about personal hygiene while in reality it is a pretty natural thing to have. That, and if you cannot be bothered to buy sweat-resistant socks each time you need to buy a pair of socks.

What causesbest socks for sweaty feetit?

There is no apparent reason for sweaty feet, in truth. Many people have their sweat glands so weird it turn itself on with no clear toggle. It is not dangerous at all, but like what has been mentioned before, it can cause a bit of an embarrassment in the public.

Some studies best socks for sweaty feet indicate that a type of fungi can cause sweaty feet, but not many studies have the courage to actually come out and claim that it does. Antifungal powders have supposedly been used to treat sweaty feet, but there are studies that show that it was not the antifungal property that reduces the production of feet. Instead of the antifungal thingy, those studies said, it is the powder particle itself that blocks the sweat from coming out.

Diet has also been never the clear cause for sweaty feet. People have been asking about what to eat before running to reduce the production of sweat, but the answer has never come to light. All in all, there is no clear cause for sweaty feet save for genetics, and we all know how genetics can be twisted to be the exact fault for one’s own self-induced problem (people claiming to be obese through genetics come to mind).

Putting digression aside, what materials come recommended for sweat feet?

Now comes the time where you must pick a pair of socks of your choosing. Now comes the time when the socks are introduced, and now is the time where you should start considering the correct socks for your budget and your need. Before you can even think about finding the best hiking shoes for women and men alike, you need to consider buying socks made out of these materials. What are the materials in question?


Olefenfibre was invented several years back in Italy. Those Italian folks, aside from creating one of the best dishes the world have ever tasted, have also developed this nice fibre that is pretty resistant to sweat. Olefin fibre is easy to clean, durable, and pretty elastic. It is pretty hydrophobic, too, meaning no kind of water would get close to this fibre.

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Merino Wool is also a nice alternative

An alternative to olefin would be merino wool, and you need to believe it when merino wool is possibly one of the best socks to counter wetness. Many sailors pick merino wool because it is one of the materials in the world that would not feel wet even if it is wet. It is a great insulator, meaning it can keep your feet warm when the world is cold and vice versa. It got a nice anti-bacterial property, and it is a pretty nice thing to have to avoid feet odour.

It is expensive, though. That is the exact reason why not many people get a pair of socks made out of Merino wool. A pair can cost you about 20 US Dollars, and 20 USD is a bit much for a pair of socks. If you can afford it, though, then go for it.

Lastly, you got Coolmax

A nice new invention made of polyester and some other fabrics, Coolmax-based socks are good if you want to avoid sweaty feet. Within the surface of Coolmax are microscopic holes that will certainly help your feet breathe. A breathing foot is a less sweaty one, and a less sweaty foot means a less smelly foot. This is what makes Coolmax the material for the best socks for sweaty feet.