A Review of the Continental Grand Prix 4000s II

A Review of the Continental Grand Prix 4000s II

Continental Grand Prix 4000s II – This article will provide you with a review regarding the racing bicycle tire named Continental Grand Prix 4000S II. How good would the tire be and is it worth a purchase? Well, you can find the answers to the questions by reading this article! Now, let us head to the review of the product, shall we?

What It IsContinental Grand Prix 4000s II

When you are heading out for outdoor activities, you would definitely need decent gears to accompany you, such as the awesome North Face Outer Borough Parka. But when you are on a bicycle race, you will need a great ride and the tires must be top-notches too! If you wish to get the best, you can count on Continental because it is not called as the undisputed leader on the race bike market for nothing.

The Dimension

4000S II by Continental comes with four variants of width: the 20mm, the 23mm, the 25mm, and the 28mm. In terms of weight, though, the 20mm is approximately 200g, the 23mm is claimed to be 215g, the 25mm is 225g, and the 28mm is 266g. What about the air pressure suggested for the Continental Grand Prix 4000S II? For the first three variants, the company suggests that you should use 110psi of air pressure, while the largest one, the 28mm, must be filled with 95psi of air. However, though, you might want to use slightly lower pressures to make your experience more comfortable.

Colors Available

Well, since it is a racing tire, you would not expect to get fancy colors, would you? And that is true, at least partially. If you are planning to purchase the 23mm variant, then, you would get colored stripes at the side of tires. However, the others come with plain black.


When used on the road, you can feel that the tires are absolutely smooth and fast at the same time. However, the 28mm apparently has the lowest rolling resistance among all of the available variants. Well, it does not mean that the largest one is slow at all, but it just is not suited to be considered the best among them all. Despite the company’s suggestion of the air pressures mentioned earlier, using 75psi is actually fine as well! By the way, using wider rims is desirable since you can get a better level of aerodynamics. Continental Grand Prix 4000S II is an excellent large bike racing tire which provides a fast and smooth feel to its users.