What You Need to Learn About Great Smoky Mountain National Park

What You Need to Learn About Great Smoky Mountain National Park

Great Smoky Mountain National Park – Great Smoky Mountain National Park is the biggest park in the eastern of United States as well as the most visited throughout the country. You have to make time and plan to visit the national park along with your family especially your children. This will give you the best experience of hiking and enjoying the nature closely.

It Has 2 Other Names

While the name Great Smoky Mountain National Park is used officially in 1934, it has some other names previously like Great Iron Mountains. The Great Iron Mountains was once used because iron was found in a very little amount there.

Meanwhile, the world has titled the mountain as Salamander Capital of the World. Smoky Mountain itself has described the condition of the mountain where the white haze often created among the trees.

Marvelous Diversity of Natural Life

Great Smoky Mountain National Park is part of the southern Appalachian mountain remnants. This is a home for almost 21000 animal species. The animal you can find there including 67 mammalian breeds, 80 types of reptiles and amphibians, 17000 kinds of insects, 67 fish varieties also 200 diverse birds. You may even encounter some wild bear in your way. Be cautious, because its behavior couldn’t be predicted.

With 80 years of history, the Great Smoky Mountain National Park also has more than 100 native trees compare to all forests in Europe. You will be able to find 5 different forest types there. This is also the best place as flowers sightseeing where you can find wide range from hepaticas to asters. You can find the flowers blooming almost all round of year.

Hiking Trails

There are 5 different routes of hiking in Great Smoky Mountain National Park. This is the best chance to set off your walking shoes and start the adventure. With long route ranges from 10 to 16 miles, you need to carefully prepare your shoes.

Make sure that you wear the most comfortable shoes you have or you may injure your feet. In this regard, I suggest you to choose asics gel nimbus 18 womens that would cover your feet properly. By using this shoes, you will be able to protect your ankle from sprain since it has been designed comfortably.


In preparation of hiking, you can determine which trails is best for you and choose which waterfalls you want to visit. Each waterfall has its own characteristics. Get yourself wet and play around there, so you can enjoy the nature to the fullest.