Hoka One One Bondi 5 Masterpiece

Hoka One One Bondi 5 Masterpiece

Hoka One One Bondi 5 – Have you ever heard about a shoe brand named Hoka One One? Hoka One One means flying above Earth in the Maori language. This shoe brand is often called as the pioneer of maximalist shoes. Hoka One One is called so because the shoe products from this brand are bulky. It is because the thick cushioning featured in its shoe products. In the beginning, the thickness of this cushioning is created for cross country runners. It also makes the shoes the best hiking shoes for men and women review. But now, the series of Hoka One One’s shoe products are also including road shoes that capture the hearts of road runners.
One of road shoe lines produced by Hoka One One is Bondi series. The newest one from this series is Bondi 5. Hoka One One Bondi 5 is designed to be used for running in rough surfaces. This shoe gives cushions and comforts which are needed for the long run. Moreover, Bondi 5 is claimed as shoes with the softest cushions from Hoka One One road shoe lines. Besides, Bondi 5 also has enough traction if you decide to change to cross-country routes. Do you want to know more about this masterpiece from Hoka One One? Below is the information.

The Upper Part Hoka One One Bondi 5

The upper part of Bondi 5 is designed with a seamless and smooth construction out of engineered mesh. The Bondi 5’s upper part overall fit feels similar to the one featured in the Clifton 3. However, Bondi 5 has more spaces and rooms in its toe area. The new material of its mesh is extremely breathable and flexible so that Bondi 5 is very comfy to use. The shape of this shoe loosely hugs your midfoot and spacious in your toe area. The most area of the upper part is so comfy. It will not make your foot scratched or irritated.
The durability of Bondi 5 depends on almost only in the strength of its upper part material. It is because of the thickness of Bondi 5’s midsole materials and the number of rubbers on its outsole.

Hoka One One Bondi 5 The Sole Unit

The midsole of Hoka One One Bondi 5 consists of EVA foams which are so soft. These soft EVA foams cover the whole length of this shoe. EVA foam is layers of cushions which are very thick. It is a new balance fresh foam cruz. With this EVA foam, you will feel like you are standing a little bit taller than you use other conventional running shoes. Bondi 5 is featured with maximum cushions. But, you have to know that the cushioning of shoe products from Hoka One One usually looks way thicker than it is. Bondi 5 is designed to make your feet get enough cushions. The cushions will surely cover and wrap your feet.
If you have ever used other shoe products from Hoka One One, you will be familiar with the feel of Bondi 5. It feels very soft so that you will surely feel comfortable running in this shoe. The design gives a shape that narrowed on the heel and toes part so that it created a smooth transition to your heel and toe no matter what kinds of foot strike. The rockered design of Bondi 5 will give you a smooth running. Moreover, the design also perfectly completes the thick cushioning layers. Bondi 5 has a wide base in order to provide stability.
These new balance trail running shoes have most of its outsole covered with a high-quality material of abrasion rubber. This gives Hoka One One Bondi 5 has great durability and grip. The only part which is not covered by rubber material is the one on your midfoot. The outsole of Bondi 5 gets enough rubber so that it is able to last as long as its cushioned midsole.

The Pros of Hoka One One Bondi 5

Below are the reasons why you should buy Bondi 5 shoes from Hoka One One.
1.      This shoe is very comfortable to use, even for a long run. Its soft and thick cushions that wrap up feet provide this comfort for the users.
2.      The toe box area of Bondi 5 is wide and spacious. So that it is also suitable and comfortable for those who have a little bit wider feet.
3.      The extra width is available. It is surely good news for those who need even more spacious area in the front part of the shoes.
4.      Even though the cushioning of the shoes is oversized, Bondi 5 is surprisingly so light. Once again, you will be able to comfortably running with this shoe. Once you use Bondi 5, you will be surprised with how light its weight is.
5.      The upper part of Bondi 5 is breathable.
6.      Its traction is good. You are even able to run with this road shoe on light trails.
7.      There are more rubbers as an addition in the outsole. So that this Bondi 5 from Hoka One One has great durability.
8.      The cushioning will provide you a comfy and stable run.

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The Cons of Hoka One One Bondi 5

Every product has its own pros and cons, as well as Hoka One One Bondi 5.
1.      The price of the shoes is quite pricey. For you who have a limited budget, you probably will think twice to buy Bondi 5. However, the price worths the provided features and comfort.
2.      The midsole of Bondi 5 is a little bit stiffer. Some of you probably are not comfortable with this kind of problem.
3.      Some runners who have used Bondi 5 got some problems with its tongue because it causes irritation.
No matter what types of running competitions you are joining, whether it is a half marathon, long run, or light jogging, Bondi 5 road shoes from Hoka One One is recommended. Its cushioning will definitely provide you with amazing comfort no matter how long you run. Even though the shape is bulky, Bondi 5 is super lightweight.