Clifton 4: The Newest from Hoka One One

Clifton 4 The Newest from Hoka One One

Hoka One One Clifton 4 – In 2017, a shoe brand named Hoka One One launched the fourth series of Clifton. As a part of Clifton shoe product that had won various rewards, this shoe is equipped with maximum cushions with minimum weights review. Just like the former ones, black Clifton 4 claims that it has the softest shoe cushions for tenis. It is proven by winning a reward of the Best Update from the Runner’s World for the fall season in 2019. Hoka One One Clifton 4 is supported with Hoka’s typical geometric midsole which has been updated in order for men’s and women’s to make sure the cushions are consistent throughout its lifetime.

Its upper mesh is also updated so that it gives a better air circulation. All of these features make the Clifton 4 becomes lightweight, soft, and super fast. It can be said that this shoe is the new balance trail running shoes. Want to know more about this masterpiece from Hoka One One? Keep reading.

General Info for Hoka One One Clifton 4

hoka one one clifton 4

Since the original model of Hoka One One Clifton was introduced, this shoe has a lot of changes. It started as a shoe that its weight is less than 8 oz and it was still able to provide its users so many cushions at that weight. Since that time, this Clifton shoe has a lot of changes especially in its whole fit and upper materials. The materials used for its midsole also have some little changes but still very look alike from years to years until today.

However, the changes in the Clifton 4 should be said that it is the largest updates that ever been made by Hoka One One for the model of Clifton. The updates are including new material for the mesh, widened the midfoot fit, and improved foams in order to increase its lifetime. The Clifton has been famous and popular because of its soft ride that feels like marshmallows. And it is still being well-kept in the fourth series of Clifton. The Hoka One One standard cushions are still featured in this fourth series. Moreover, its appearance looks very stylish.

In its outsole, there are some small changes in the rubber layouts. The new mesh of Hoka One One Clifton 4 is outstanding both for its breathability and aesthetics. As it is said before, the upper mesh is updated in order to provide better air circulation.

The Sole UnitHoka One One Clifton 4

The Clifton 4 midsole is a one-piece CMEVA foam. It is the new balance fresh foam cruz. Its base is a little bit narrowed if it is compared to the formerly one. When you look down on the Clifton 4, you will no longer see that its midsole extremely flares out. A rockered design is featured in this shoe so that the toe and heel part is a little bit upward taper. This is featured in order to smooth your walking or running. The changes done to the materials of its midsole is a big update compared to the previous one.

If you ever have used the previous series of Clifton, you surely will not be disappointed. If this is your first time wearing this shoe, you will be pleased with an extremely soft, light, and smooth ride. For runners, you will be impressed by the amazing capabilities of its rebound. It is because Clifton 4 is also featured by RMAT material. RMAT is a material which has outstanding rebound characteristics. The material of Clifton 4 midsole feels like it has the same characteristics as RMAT material but with more cushions. The updated midsole materials are able to increase the lifetime of this shoe.

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While the outsole also has several small changes. The updates are performed in order to improve the durability of Clifton 4 shoe. The outsole consists of rubbers which are placed strategically and also opened midsole materials. The layout of the rubber is updated which is better.

Reasons to Buy Hoka One One Clifton 4

Below are the reasons why you should by Hoka One One Clifton 4. There are many comforts that you can get if you run with this shoe.

  1. The materials used in Clifton 4 is more breathable than the previous series. It is important especially for you who love to join triathlon competitions. When your feet are wet because of sweats, your feet will not get scratched. The same thing will still happen even if you are running in heavy rain.
  2. The colors of Clifton 4 are more attractive. If you are concerned about style and appearance, this might be essential for you. You must want to run with stylish shoes.
  3. The cushions featured in Clifton 4 is firmer so that you do not have to break the shoes. You will still feel comfortable even after running for several times.
  4. Clifton 4 is compatible to be used in various running fields. Whether you are running on a beach, semi-trail, tartan track, or many other fields, you can still comfortably run with these shoes. It is because the cushions are very supportive, especially for the long run.
  5. The responsive level is great. So that even though the shoes have maximum cushions, it is still responsive for a speed training in tracks.
  6. The materials of its upper mesh are softer and more ventilated.
  7. Even though the front part is slightly narrowed, the materials used are more flexible and softer so that the shoes are still comfortable to use.
  8. If your shoes are getting scratched the first time you use new shoes, it will not happen when you use Clifton 4 even for the first time. You do not need a long time to adapt to these shoes.
  9. Clifton 4 has great durability. Some updates are done in order to add its lifetime of use.
  10. A high arch is featured in order to support your feet better.
  11. The lightweight of the Clifton 4 will not cause any pain in your feet.

Those are the information about Hoka One One Clifton 4 that can be your consideration to buy one.

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