Fun Facts About Marathon

Fun Facts About Marathon

How far is a marathon – How far is a marathon? Marathon is a long distance running. You have to run 42.195 Km if you want to join this running event. This is why you have to use comfortable running shoes if you want to join the marathon, such as Asics Gel Nimbus 18 women. This sport is getting more popular, especially among adults. Besides having a lot of fans, marathon also has a lot of fun facts which are interesting to find out. Here are the fun facts about marathon.

How far is a marathon and The History of the Distance

Have you ever wondered why in a marathon, especially full-marathon, the participants must run 42.195 Km? In fact, the 42 Km distance was chosen not without a reason. And the reason is not about humans’ running ability. The reason is related to Greek history. In 490 BC, there was a war happened between Greek and Persia in Marathon City, Greek. At that time, Persia wanted to take over Greek. After around 8000 people died, Greek eventually won the war and managed to repel the Persian forces.

That pleasuring news then widely reported. A messenger named Pheidippides ran reporting that victory news from Marathon city to Athens city which is 40 Km away. Once he arrived in Athens, he was screaming that Greek won and then he died. This heroic story then became the origin of the marathon competition was held. 42 Km full-marathon was first appointed as a branch of sports competitions in modern Olympics in 1896 in Athens.

Women Were Forbidden to Join

In the past, only men who were allowed to join marathon. Women were not allowed to join this running competition. Though they were forbidden to join this sport, there were several women who forced to join. One of them named Roberta Gibb. She was hiding in bushes when the marathon competition started. When half of the marathon participants had passed, she jumped into the middle of other participants and ran.

Surprisingly, she successfully finished the running competition within 3 hours 40 minutes 21 seconds. Unfortunately, her participation was considered unofficial. However, she became an inspiration for other women who wanted to join marathon. So that in 1984, there was a marathon competition for women.

Minimum 20 Years Old

The minimum age to join marathon competitions is 20 years old. It is because, in this age, our bones are already strong enough to run long distances.

Those are the fun facts about marathon and answer to how far is a marathon.