Several Facts about the Appalachian Trail and How Long It is

Several Facts about the Appalachian Trail and How Long It is

How Long is The Appalachian Trail – So, are you wondering how long is the Appalachian Trail? Well, this article will provide you with the answer as well as some interesting facts regarding the place. The trail which is located within the border of the United States of America is pretty interesting to hike as well as to study since the spot has an interesting history behind it. By the way, if you wish to have a run here, it is recommended that you wear the Hoka One One Clifton 3 since it is one of the best running shoes.

How Long is The Appalachian Trail and How long is the trail measured?

Well, let us jump to our main topic: how long is the Appalachian Trail? Unfortunately, though, there is no exact number to answer that question since everything available that we can find is only the estimation of the length of the trail. Approximately, the length of the famous trail is 2,181 miles or 3.5 kilometers- but please; do not ask us about the method used to measure it! With such length, the Appalachian Trail is considered as the longest footpath in the world which features continuous markings.

Several facts

Now that you have figured out the approximate length of the trail, is this the end of the article? Of course not! Here, you will be shown some facts regarding the place.

  • You can traverse through 14 states by it

Well, it is true; traveling across 14 states on foot can be done through the trail. The trail starts from Springer Mountain, which is located in Georgia and finishes at Mount Katahdin in the state of Maine. The 14 states are:



North Carolina,


West Virginia,

New Jersey,




New York,


New Hampshire,

Vermont, and


  • It is visited by 2 million people annually…

The next fact that it has so many fans! It is evident from the number of people who visit it each year. However, though, most of them are only traversing some part of the trail.

  • … but only a few people dare to cross it completely

Well, although the trail is old since it has been around since 1937, only a few have managed to completely traverse through it. The reason is that the trail was impassable for quite a long time, thanks to several natural accidents and the government’s past negligence. Even worse, it was abandoned throughout the timeline of World War II.

  • Flat landscapes are almost non-existent

The tallest peak of the trail is the Clingmans Dome and you can find it in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Moreover, the landscape of the trail is almost never flat. You will constantly need to go up and down along the way. Well, now you know the answer for how long is the Appalachian Trail!

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