Hiking Through the States: How Long is The Pacific Crest Trail?

Hiking Through the States: How Long is The Pacific Crest Trail?

How Long is The Pacific Crest TrailIf you are a hiker, perhaps you have ever asked yourself how long is the Pacific Crest Trail. This is a question that many hardcore hikers have asked for the right reason. The Pacific Cres Trail (will be abbreviated as PCT as of this moment) is one of those long-distance hiking trails that you can give a try if you see yourself as a hiking extraordinaire. Thru-hikers love this trail because it is filled with many wonders to see and places to visit.

Just how long the whole distance will take you?

How long is the pacific crest trail, Counting the PCT from the first step to the last one

Thru-hiking is one of those extreme things in the world. Seeing that PCT is a thru-hiking trail, you can expect that the trail will take you a whole lot of steps to finish. While it is not possible to count the trail using steps, there are other conversions that can provide you with a more detailed answer.

Let us take for example the metric system. Using the metric system, you can expect the trail to extend up to 4,270 kilometres. Impressive, but it is even more impressive when you know that people will go through the distance on foot. The imperial system says that the trip will take you about 2,653 miles to finish.

As for the matter of how long, many people finish it around 5 months. 5 months is close to a season, and people often take the route when it is not snowing. When it is snowing, it will take a longer time to finish. If you are someone who can plough through the snow like a snowmobile, however, you will probably finish the trail in the 5 months time period, too.

What can you expect to see along the course of the PCT?

The PCT will cut through several states in the USA. You will start from  California, pass through Oregon, Washington (the state, not the capital), and you will finish near British Columbia, which is located in Canada. While you cannot see what all of those states have to offer, the trail itself is laden with beautiful locations and landmarks to see and admire.

What of the dangers? What should I bring to prepare for this trip?

Not that much, no. You will not be passing dangerous places, but if you jump in the trail at the wrong time of the season, you will see snow, and snow can be a very dangerous thing to go against. Aside from snow, there is nothing that common sense can prevail against.

You will want to bring supplies and lots of other things. Clothes, bedrolls, and pairs of shoes are something that you might want to carry along. Bring a whole lot of shoes in case you break one. Hoka One One Bondi 5 is a good pair of shoes if you need a recommendation, but do not let this dissuade you from getting the shoe that you really want to get. You should not be afraid of getting lost, too. The trail is pretty easy to follow and you can find a sort of guide that will keep you from being astray. Hope this clears your question on how long is the Pacific Crest Trail, people.