Step by Step On How to Build a Fire

Step by Step On How to Build a Fire

How to Build – Fire will always be a magnetic spot where we will start to gather around it. Camping won’t be complete if there’s no campfire. When you plan nature adventure and decide to camp, make sure you are ready and comfortable with everything you wear including clothes and footwear. Especially footwear, you should confirm that it is cozy enough just like asics gel nimbus 18 womens to accompany you explore the campsite.

In ancient times, how to build a fire is essential since it has many functions. The fire will provide light during night and necessary protection from wild animal. With the fire, the air also will be warming and let us cook something to eat. Be a survival and know how to build a fire.

  • Choose the right spot

You should pay attention and cautious when starting a fire as it can danger yourself. The safe spot to build the fire is at least 1.8 m or 6 feet distant from your camp. You should also notice of any low tree near the spot. Choose where you can start fire with free risks.

  • Gather what you need

If you have enough knowledge of how to build a fire, you should understand that choosing the right wood is necessary.  You need to determine which wood or branch is tinder and kindling ones. Choosing the right wood will let you easier to start fire and prolong it.

However, if you feel it’s too troublesome to find appropriate firewood, you can just buy it beforehand. Merchants around the campsite should selling those precut wood you need especially if the campsite prohibit you to take some from the area.

  • Build The Fire Base

First of all, you need to clear the spot from dry leaves or other materials that would be easy ignited. Clean the spot from little stone as well. After that, make a circle using medium large stones surrounding the spot. This will mark your fireplace.

  • Arrange the Firewood

You can arrange the firewood by placing the tinder material first at base. Put the kindling wood on top it and then do the same for the next level. When you stack up all material, do not forget to leave any space between it. This will allow some oxygen from air to fuel the fire.    

  • Ignite the Fire

After the structure is enough, you can start to ignite the fire using a lighter or matches. Wait for a second until the wind doesn’t blow strong enough. Then, ignite the fire from the bottom tinder bed. Hold it for a second until the fire can be started fully and strong enough to stand fully. Do not forget to supply the wood when the fire has burned most of it.