How to Clean A Camelbak

How to Clean A Camelbak

How to Clean A Camelbak – Do you have a plan for this weekend? If you are interested in an adventurous trip, then you may like exploring the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. If you are not in the mood to go hiking or to climb the mountain with bag, you can just explore the surrounding nature of the national park by bike.

Before going, you need to prepare some stuff that you may need to bring, one of the most important things is the water supply. Many people prefer to bring water from home. In this case, they will need a water bottle or water bladder camelbak.

Water Bladder vs Water Bottle

How to clean a Camelbak. We suggest you bring a water bladder instead of the bottle because it offers some benefits to you. First, it provides more water capacity. The average water bottle has an average capacity of less than 1 liter, while the water bladder has an average capacity above 1 liter. Some even have up to 3 liters. With a large water capacity, it will make it easy to take a longer distance. Second, it is lighter than the best stainless water bottle. With a lighter weight, it will certainly help reduce the weight in cycling and this will certainly help you to save more energy compared to if the bike carries a heavier weight. Third, it is practical. It allows you to drink more easily while on a bicycle. The location of the water bladder on the back and with a hose placed around the chest makes it easier for you to drink water from this water bladder. You will only need one hand to reach the hose and put it to your mouth. This will not interfere with riding and is more practical compared to drinking from a bottle. Fifth, it is not broken easily. Bottles of water placed on bicycle frames are sometimes thrown accidentally. Usually, this happens when a bicycle hits a hole or a bump. This water bladder is not broken easily. In addition, bottles that fall on the road can also increase the opportunity of contamination

How to clean a Camelbak

Along with the advantages above, there are also shortcomings that make some people think twice to buy a water bladder. One of the most common reasons is because they do not know how to clean it properly, and they think it is quite troublesome to clean their water bladders. It is, indeed, true that washing a water bladder is different from how to wash a backpack. Even the best water bladder like Camelbak will get dirtier and dull if you do not maintain its cleanliness. Therefore, we will share some tips on how to clean a Camelbak.

How To Clean a Camelbak. First of all, you need to prepare the materials and tools to clean it. You will need a toothbrush, cotton, wire, dishwasher soap, wipe, ethanol, and a clear plastic bag. After all of the materials and tools have been ready to use, you can separate the water bladder into several parts that can, indeed, be removed. Usually, it will be divided into water tanks, hoses, and pacifiers at the end of the hose that is related to the bladder mouth. Next, wet the water tank and rub it with a toothbrush (you should put the dishwasher soap to the brush in advance). Make sure you brush all inside and outside water tanks and pacifiers. If you think that it is enough, rinse with running water until the water clean from the excess soap. Dry it using a clean, dry cloth. Place it in the shade to air for a while.

The next thing you have to do is to clean the house. Take enough cotton, wrap it on the wire that has been prepared beforehand. Dip it into ethanol liquid. Insert the cotton-wrapped wire into the hose. You just need to push the wire from one end to the other. If the cotton has come out from the other end, replace the cotton with a new cotton swab that is not moistened with ethanol. Pull the wire that has been filled with new cotton until it comes out of the end of the hose. The technique for cleaning the water bladder is complete, and how to clean a camelback is ready to store or use.

How to store a Camelbak

If you intend to store it, then you have to make sure all parts are dry before storing. After that, Put all parts of the water bladder into a clear plastic bag, then tie it tightly. If it is possible, insert a plastic bag containing a water bladder that has been cleaned in the freezer. If you do not have a freezer, you can just store it in a dry and shady place. You can keep it until you need it to use. When you want to use it, rinse all parts of the water bladder first with clean water

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Why should you use Camelbak

There is no one who wants to be dehydrated when cycling. How to clean a Camelbak can be the right solution to answer your dehydration problem. This can be said as a two in one product, a bag that can also be used as a place to drink. There are some reasons why you should use Camelbak, such as:

1. It can be used a multifunction bag
If you use a Camelbak, you will no longer need to bother carrying your keys, cellphones or wallet in your pocket. Try putting it in this bag. You can also use it to keep your water. You can drink only by using a hose that is connected to the water bladder inside the bag. It is really practical for bicycle enthusiasts.

2.  It is easy to clean and fill
Using and cleaning a water bladder is not as difficult as you might think. Equipped with a wide mouth bladder and easy to open the lid, it will not cause you any trouble.

3.  It can be used as a reflector
Cycling at night will not be a problem at all because this Camelbak water bladder is even better than the best stainless steel water bottle. Not only can it be used to store your drink, but it can also be used as a reflector that is designed for your safety when cycling.