To Know about Cross Country Ski and How to Cross Country Ski with Useful Tips

To Know about Cross Country Ski and How to Cross Country Ski with Useful Tips

How to Cross Country Ski – One of the most interesting winter sports to learn before we die is cross country ski. It’s different from downhill skiing by techniques and equipment. Let’s learn how to cross country ski

What you should know about cross country ski

It is great to be able to cross country ski since we can use this recreational activity as a winter workout for our body, upper and lower. When doing cross country skiing, we will traverse a large and expansive flat snow area or gentle slopes. Definitely, we will have fun enjoying the winter scenery and the tranquility all around. Some people use this non-competitive sport as a mean of transportation. Those who have mastered both roller skating and ice skating will find cross country skiing a lot easier.

How to cross country ski

To be able to do it, you can use two techniques. It is like when you have to wash your camelback, right? You should know the technique of how to clean a Camelbak correctly. The first is a classical technique where a skier will cross the snow by doing the kick backward to have a gliding motion and by doing skis parallel.

The second technique is called freestyle technique the more recent technique that requires a skier to resemble the ice skating motions closely. This technique will make a skier push the Ski’s inside edge backward and outward simultaneously at the 45 degrees angle. This will generate the speed more than the classical style.  

Tips for the rookies

  • Before cross country skiing in the Ski Center, make sure you tell the staff there that you new to this winter sport. Definitely, they will tell you about the rules. This will also ensure that you will get help when you’re in trouble.
  • You should prepare all the personal things you need, like wearing sun-block and protectors. Make sure you have drunk lots of water before cross country skiing.  
  • Make sure you have practiced all of the techniques and have done the stretching. You know stretching will make you move easily and comfortably. This also will prevent you from any injuries and pains.
  • When cross country skiing, you should be in control. Start slowly when you have to ski in the groomed tracks. Lift one of the skis out carefully and set it at one angle to the tracks. Gently press the ski inside the edge of the half snowplow formation or you’ll stop suddenly and may catch your ski.  

So, are you more confident with the techniques and tips that you can apply in the next cross country skiing time? Hopefully, the article about how to cross country ski can give you enough information.