How to Fix a Zipper?

How to Fix a Zipper

How to Fix a Zipper – Many people have some problems with their zippers. There are, indeed, various kinds of problems that usually occur in zippers. It is better for to try to fix it by yourself before taking it to a tailor. Besides saving costs, fixing zips on your own will not take a long time to wait and queue.

How to fix a zipper?

There are several ways to fix a zipper, depending on the problem it has.

  • Repairing a jammed zipper

The jammed zipper is usually caused by small threads which are linked around because of the slider. It could also be caused by dirt and dust that stick and cause the jams. You can still fix it by smoothing it out using wax or pencil which is applied to the zipper teeth.

  • Fixing the zipper that won’t close

If your zipper can’t be closed tight, you can do two things to fix it. First, you can use soapy water to repair it. Dip the cotton into soapy water, then apply it to your zipper. Second, you can use pliers, as well. The trick is just to tighten the slider using pliers, but it will need male power to tighten the zipper.

  • Repairing the missing zipper gear and damage zipper teeth.

To install the missing bottom zipper gear, a sewing machine is needed and a little effort is made to install a new holder for your zipper. Pull the zipper to the bottom. Gently pull the zipper off on the left side. Then, remove the zipper lock that looks like a square tunnel. Continue by pulling the zipper up and attaching the zipper lock on the bottom end of the tooth. Next, sewing damaged zipper teeth to prevent them from being torn easily. If you don’t have sewing skills, you should ask a tailor for help.

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