Hacking Life: How to Fix a Zipper That Won’t Zip No Matter What You’ve Done to it

Hacking Life: How to Fix a Zipper That Won’t Zip No Matter What You’ve Done to it

How to Fix a Zipper That Won’t Zip – Have you ever found yourself with unzipping zippers and ask yourself how to fix a zipper that won’t zip? If that is the kind of question you have been asking, then you should not worry, dear fellows. Below are several things you can do to help you zip a zipper than do not want to zip through normal means:

With a graphite pencil or a lubricant How to fix a zipper that won’t zip

The lubricant part is pretty obvious, but the graphite pencil might throw some people off. A graphite pencil is just like any ordinary pencil out there, but it is a bit different because a graphite pencil is much ‘smoother’ and slippery. This would mean that if you rub a graphite pencil on a stuck zipper, you can potentially help the zipper move up and down smoothly.

If it does not work (or if you do not have a graphite pencil), you can just take a lubricant and lube the thing up. Cooking oil can do the job, but if you do not have a cooking oil for some reason, you can try with soap or anything that is slippery. Anything that is liquid and slippery can be counted as lubricants, so if you found something that got two of those features, then by all means use it to lube the zipper.

What if the zipper keeps popping up?

This happens when the teeth of the zipper do not lock themselves well. When this happens, you need to check the teeth for errors. If you see a tooth that is out of place, you can use a plier or something else and ply it back to its rightful place. Be careful not to take the tooth out because your zipper will permanently pop up if you do that.

If there is no error in the teeth, then perhaps slider itself is faulty. Again, check for something that can bother the slider in its work. Perhaps a piece of fabric got stuck between the zipper and the slider. Perhaps the slider is not tight enough for it to lock the zipper down. If the second case was the one you are facing, then you can take a plier and try to push the slider down together again. When that is done, it should work as intended. Those are the two most common problems you will see when you are facing a zipper. The two methods will work with zippers you can find in pants, jackets, or even shoes (which is why you should get Hoka One One Bondi 5, which is definitely zipper-error free).  Hope this article can help you with how to fix a zipper that won’t zip, mates.

how to fix a zipper that wont zip