How to Make a Fire for Survival Conditions

How to Make a Fire for Survival Conditions

How to make a fireHow to make a fire? After a natural disaster happened or when you are in wild nature, it is important to have the ability to make fire without any lighter. The fire will be very beneficial when the weather is getting colder, when you want to make foods, or as an emergency sign.

How to Make a Fire Using Lens

This method is using a convex lens. The way to do it is by focusing the heat from the sunlight that affects the cross-section of the lens at one point. That point is directed at things which are easy to burn, such as papers, dried leaves, and others. This method very depends on the intensity of the sunlight and the level of ease of burning media used.

Using Clear Bottle

The concept of using clear bottles to make fire is the same as using a convex lens. By utilizing the sunlight that comes and focusing it at one drop point. You just have to fill the clear bottle with waters and direct it to the stuff which are easy to burn.

Using Aluminum Cans

If you bring canned foods or canned beverages with you during your adventure in wild nature, do not throw the cans away if you already finish consuming the filling. In order to use this method to make fire, make sure the cans you use are the ones that have a concave bottom shape. Rub the bottom part of the cans until it becomes shiny, you are able to use toothpaste or chocolate. Once it becomes shiny, point the bottom part of the cans to the sunlight. Find a focal point and put things that are easy to burn there.

Hand Drill

This method is quite primitive but it is popular and mostly followed by many people to make fire especially when they are in wild nature. This hand drill method uses a wood shaft that is rotated fast by using empty hands. The materials you need are long wooden board as the axis and another wooden board as the pad. Make the edge of the wood shaft pointy. Put it on the wood pad and quickly rotate the wood shaft until a fire is created.

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