How to Make Paracord Bracelets

How to Make Paracord Bracelets

How to make paracord bracelet How to make paracord bracelet? Paracord comes from the term of parachute cord. It is stuff that must be brought by American soldiers in World War II. Why is it so? Because parachute cords are very functional, lightweight, strong, and also elastic. Parachute cords are very beneficial for survival needs and perfectly matched with any shoes, such as Asics Gel Nimbus 18 women. Below are the steps to make a paracord bracelet.

Prepare the Tools & Materials

First, you need to prepare parachute cords with a diameter of 1/8 inches, buckle clip, scissors, ruler, and lighter. For the length of parachute cords, it depends on your needs. The estimation of parachute cords needed is 30 Cm for every 1 inch of knitted length. So that if your wrist is 5 inches long, you need 1.5 meters parachute cords.

Measure Your Wrist

Circle the parachute cord on your wrist, then measure the parachute cord that you have already marked with a ruler.

Make the Center of Knitted Parachute Cord

Insert both of the edges of the parachute cord on the gap of the buckle clip, then tie the parachute cord by inserting it between the two straps and pull it.

Determine the Length of Your Paracord Bracelet

Open the buckle clip, then insert the ends of the parachute cord into the gap of the opened buckle clip. Measure the length of your paracord bracelet with a ruler according to the size of your wrist that you have already measured. In order to make it more comfortable to wear, add about 1 inch of your wrist size.

Start Making The Knitted Knots

Make the first knots that you can find on the internet, then continue to make the same knots until the entire middle part of the paracord bracelet is closed to the other end. Do not forget to strengthen ever knot so that your paracord bracelet looks neat and not loose.

Cut the Ends of The Bracelet with Scissors

Once your paracord bracelet looks neat until both of its ends, it is the time to cut the two ends with scissors. Cut them right in the last knot you made. Once you cut the ends, then burn the ends of your paracord bracelet with a lighter.

Parachute cords are available in various colors. So that you can make a stylish one for you. Those are the steps of how to make paracord bracelet.

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