Survival 101: How to Poop in the Woods

Survival 101 How to Poop in the Woods

How To Poop In The Woods – Actually, figuring out how to poop in the woods is one of the keys to survival when you are out in the wilds. The idea itself might sound silly at the first time when you hear it, but your life might depend on how you poop when in the forest, especially when a disaster occurs. Learning the ways by understanding Leave No Trace is actually a good idea, but if you do not have enough time, then, you can read this article to understand how.

  • Pick a suitable place

There are several guidelines that you need to follow when picking a place to do it, and the first one is that you always need to think about the people who would pick the place to hike after you have finished your business. Always ensure that the place you pick is 200 feet (61 meters) away from any water, campfire, or hiking trail at least. Avoid contaminating any water source by picking a place located far over the water mark. Dark soil is a sign of a good place since it is usually rich in bacteria that can digest your poop!

  1. Pick the most suitable method

You need to pick the best method on how to poop in the woods. When you are around an environment that is prone to change like near a canyon, then you would need to pick the poop and carry it with you. Otherwise, bury the poop for 6 inches deep. If you are around a harsh area with no soil to be found and you happen not to carry a plastic bag, then, leave the poop! But you still need to smear it with anything you find to make it as thin as possible and it should be below the direct sunlight so that the microbes can be neutralized by the UV light.

  1. Pick the best position

Squatting is the first position you can do and it is pretty clear what to do, right? The other position is that you can sit on a large wood or a stone and ensure and your bottom is on the edge. Alternatively, you can also find a tree to hold while opening your feet for 4-6 inches wide. Your knees should bend and you need to lean to the back. Be careful and do not let that Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17 Women gets dirty!

  1. Clean your butt!

It is highly possible that you would not bring a toilet paper when outside. Finding a natural tool is your best bet, but there are some that could harm you. You can pick any stones or sticks with a smooth surface and some leaves, such as hemlock, lamb’s ear, and spruce. Always avoid any poisonous plants like poison ivy or sumac when cleaning yourself. Well, always bring hand sanitizer, though! Now, you understand how to poop in the woods!