How to Read a Compass: How to Read a Prismatic Compass for Searching Targeted Place And Simple Survey

How to Read a Prismatic Compass for Searching Targeted Place and Simple Survey

How to Read a Compass – Knowing how to read a compass is one of the basic skills nature lovers should have. It can lead them to their desired destination.

What should we know about compasses?

There are two types of compasses—analog and digital. Analog compasses include lens compass, prismatic compass, and orienteering compass. Digital compasses are to use as the navigation system in robots and modern electronic gadgets. The one that nature lovers and boy scouts usually use is the prismatic compass. Like how to clean a camelback, a step-by-step guide is needed here as well. Here is a way to use it.

The way to read a prismatic compass

·                    First thing first put the compass on the flattest ground and wait until its needle stands still. The needle shows the north. After that, aim the destination by using the eye vane through a small gap on the magnifier. 

·                    Next, tilt the magnifier until the scale marked reaches fifty degrees on the dial. If you are not confident with the eye vane, stretch the line of the lid to the eye vane in the same direction with the destination in order to see clearly.  

·                    For a thirty-degree target, so aim 30 degrees. Before trying to reach the targeted destination, you should decide all the dots including to the thirty-degree destination. Look for something eye catching among all the things around. A thirty-degree route is not always flat and dry. Sometimes, we can be out from the degree. However, we won’t lose the way to reach the destination. 

·                    Remember to always decide the Back Azimuth or Back Reading so we can go back to the first place if we cannot reach the destination or get lost. Just add 180 degrees to the destination below 180 degrees. If the destination is more than 180 degrees, we can minus it with 180 degree. For example, if the target is 240 degrees, so the Back Azimuth is 60 degrees.

People can use a Prismatic Compass for a simple survey of rough traverses and roads. However, it needs some adjustment. See the ways to do it.  

How to adjust Prismatic Compass temporarily

·                    Fixing the compass over the station is called centering. We can just simply adjust the tripod legs. 

·                    Leveling is the process when the instrument to be leveled is to use as the mounted or in hand of a tripod. If it is as in hand, so the graduated disc has to swing freely and emerge as a complete level in reference to the case’s top edge. 

·                    Prism is able to slide up and slide down to focus to make the reading clearer.  It is always interesting and beneficial to know about how to use a thing including the Prismatic Compass for nature lovers and a boy scouts. You also have taken advantages from the article about how to read a compass, right?

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