How to Repair a Zipper and Choose the Right One

How to Repair a Zipper and Choose the Right One

How To Repair A Zipper – So, the steps on how to repair a zipper could be something people really want to know right now. However, people just tend to ignore how to pick the right zipper for their item. In this article, we are going to show you how to choose the right zipper for your goods, considering there are various types of zipper available on the market. So, check this out.

How To Repair A Zipper The size

Before you jump on any other thing, you need to know about the size. The zippers are sized with numbers such as #3, #5, etc. which referred to as the approximate width of the teeth. The size is in millimeters though. The #10 zippers would be suitable for a larger project.

Vislon zipper vs. coil zipper

Do you know the type of zipper used by your duffle bag? There are two types: Vislon zipper and coil zipper. Of course, it has nothing to do with Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17 women but your bag does. So, the Vislon zipper is the most common marine zipper and the teeth are made of Delrin plastic. Those are molded on to the tape of the zipper.

On the other hand, the coil zipper features teeth that look like coils. The teeth are mounted on both sides of the tape by using polyester thread.  Coil zipper is definitely more flexible and stronger compared to the Vislon zipper.

Finished vs. continuous

The finished zipper refers to as the jacket zipper. It is because this type of zipper is mostly used in jackets and coats. This zipper is used for an application if you want to separate both sides. Meanwhile, the continuous zipper has no zipper stop or starter box. This is why the continuous zippers are used for bags, cushion, tent, and many more.

Locking and non-locking

Both terms are referred to as the sliders of the zipper. The sliders of locking zipper have a small lock so the slider will always be in place. It prevents the slider from moving without your command. On the other side, the non-locking sliders are the opposite of the locking sliders. Both types are available in Vislon and coil teeth. Besides choosing the right type of zipper, you need to make sure that you already have the right size. As we have mentioned earlier, the size of the zipper depends on how big your project is. Knowing anything about zipper will help you to replace the broken ones especially when the steps of how to repair a zipper did not work in your case.