How to Start a Campfire: Three Easy and Safe Techniques to Try

How to Start a Campfire Three Easy and Safe Techniques to Try

How to Start a Campfire – Adventurous people who love to enjoy the beauty of nature will love spending time in wild nature. They also must love enjoying a campfire. Let’s see how to start a campfire.

The ways to start a campfire

·                    Many nature lovers going camping in mountains will have to start a campfire to prevent them from the wildlife that may attack them. It also can warm them up. To know how to start a campfire is a must for them. If love nature so much and need to be able to start a campfire, see the techniques called “Leave No Trace.” It is the safest to minimize a chance of fire.

·                    Fire Ring. For campers, the need to know the ways to start a campfire is like to the bikers that consider how to clean a camelback for cyclers a must. This technique is when you have to dig a hole of needed diameter. If your group is under ten people, you can try a sixty-diameter hole with the depth is about fifteen centimeters. Next, look for woods and twigs to burn. It is advised that you put the campfire far from trees and control the flame in order not to be bigger. This is to prevent you from a wood fire which can be very dangerous and may take people’s life and belongings. Our neighbor countries will also do protests. Don’t forget to turn off the fire by splashing it with a lot of water. After that, close the hole with the remaining dirt from the digging. 

·                    Mound Fire. Here you will have to prepare a big ground cloth, aluminum foil, and a sack. First, you should prepare stones—small and big, soil, and sand. You can take the soil from the place around the collapsed trees. Pile the plastic and the ground cloth and add the soil and sand on the pile. After that press the soil and the sand of a certain-size space on the ground. Next, make the soil and the ground thick enough to make a campfire. Surround it with the stones. After that, arrange the woods and twigs with the teepee style or log-cabin style, and ignite the fire with an aluminum foil. For safety, make sure that the space on the ground is bigger than the flame. 

·                    Fire Pan. This is when you have to prepare a pan to make a campfire. Aluminum and zinc pan is suitable for this and choose the fifty-diameter pan. After that, prepare woods and arrange them like a pyramid. Next, ignite the flame carefully and make sure that the woods don’t go out from the pan since they can lead to a dangerous wood fire

So, what do you think? Are you getting more excited to start a campfire by yourself? Remember to always alert with the fire. It is hoped that the article about how to start a campfire can get you inspired.