Training and Preparations for Running 5 k

Training and Preparations for Running 5 k

How to Train for a 5kHow to training for 5k running? 5k is a race for any type of runners starting from the beginners to the professionals. Even the former runners often join it also in order to keep and bring back the stamina. Indeed, the running with 5 kilometers distance sounds easy and it seems many healthy people can just finish it well. However, it doesn’t mean you can underestimate it and don’t prepare anything when you have a plan to join the race. There are some preparations you need to do. Here they are.

how to train for a 5k : Physical Preparation

One of the primary things to prepare is indeed regarding physical health. When you have some health problems in the areas of the legs and back, you need to check up your conditions first. The other conditions that need additional checkups and preparations are heart disorder and respiratory problems. It is only if your doctor says yes to run, you can run.

how to train for a 5k : The Best Time to Train

A few weeks before the race, you must arrange a schedule for practicing. Sure, you don’t need to practice it every day. Only 5 days in a week is enough and for the other 2 days, use them to take a rest. It needs around 20-30 minutes per day for the training. The main purpose is to accustom your body so that you will not feel easily tired during the race.

Train the Fast Twitch

There are 2 types of fiber muscles of the human, the fast and slow twitch. For a complete runner, training both twitches are necessary. But if your necessities are only about running for 5 kilometers, training the fast twitch is actually enough. When the twitch has been trained properly, you can run faster and more naturally up to the last kilometer.

Gear Preparations

Despite the physical preparation, you must make sure that the gears for running are prepared well and they must also be in good conditions. If it is needed, you can buy new shoes, watch for running, and others to support this activity. Those new gears must not always be the expensive one but of course, they must be comfortable to wear like the brand Hoka One OneBondi 5.

Learning about the Track

You can go to the track and learn about some following matters. First, it is the shape whether it is straight forward, round, hilly, and more. Second, you should also pay attention to the water post and use it as the landmarks.