3 Preparations for a Triathlon Race

3 Preparations for a Triathlon Race

How to Train For a Triathlon – How to train for a triathlon? Triathlon is a kind of cardio sports famous recently. It combines 3 types of sports, they are running, swimming, and cycling. Based on that fact, it is reasonable if doing the sport may need more preparations to avoid the injury. Meanwhile, there are some risks that must be aware also by the beginners since triathlon is considered an extreme sport. It is particularly if you do it on the beach or ocean. So, what should you do to train for a triathlon? Here they are.

Try a Mini-Triathlon            

Before doing the real triathlon, it is suggested for you to follow another race or competition known as the mini-triathlon. The race is guaranteed to be safer particularly for the beginners. The fields are including the cycling track and swimming pool. Despite the mini-triathlon is the sub-event of the triathlon, this is indeed used for many athletes to practice their ability before doing the real triathlon.

Prepare the Gears and Look for Partners

Next, you must prepare all the gears and tools needed. They are including the sports shoes; it can be Hoka One OneBondi 5, the bicycle, swimsuit, and more. Those gears and tools must not be the expensive ones. You only need to make sure that all of them are comfortable to wear in many situations.

Meanwhile, partners are important also during the training of triathlon. The partners must be them with different skills and expertise from you so that you can share your skills and experiences. As an example, if you are good at running as well as mastering the techniques, choose partners that are better in swimming and cycling than you. Your group needs to cooperate well anyway. If you already have some friends with such skills, it is better for sure.

Practice It Regularly

More than anything, how to train for a triathlon? You need to practice triathlon regularly. For the beginners, they need around 3 months for the preparation of the real triathlon race. Although regular training is needed, you should not force yourself when your body is not in a good condition. You must also have some targets. The ultimate target is what you want to achieve during the triathlon race. When it is getting closer to the D-day, you must also be able to be closer with that main target. Put many efforts so that the training you do today achieves better results than the training of yesterday