How to Use Trekking Poles

How to use trekking poles

How to Use Trekking Poles – How to use trekking poles information is important. Trekking poles are standard equipment for outdoor activities, especially hiking. The main reasons for using this equipment are to keep stability and balance, help to add speeds, help to break in steep slopes, and so on. Below are the ways to use a trekking pole.

Gripping Trekking Poles

The proper way to hold the trekking pole grip is by inserting your wrist to the strap from the bottom. Then, hold the grip and strap at the same time. This way, the strap and your wrist will push the trekking pole so that your grip is not too tight and you do not get easily tired. Moreover, your palm will easily move to the grip base in order to give more pushes in steep slopes.

Adjust the Height of Trekking Poles

Make the trekking pole in an upright position, forming 90-degree angle to your elbow so that your hands will feel more relaxed. The height of trekking poles should also be adjusted to the fields. Shorten it when you hike or climb and lengthen in when you are on steep slopes.

Walking Technique

Trekking poles have 3 functions in helping you to hike or walk. The first function is to add speeds in flat surfaces, climbs, and even slopes as long as it is not too steep. Swing the trekking pole in line with your footsteps with its edge tends to tilt backward in order to increase thrust. The second function is to brake which is used in steep slopes by sticking the trekking pole to the ground with the angles tend to lean forward. The third function is for coasting or skating which is using the trekking pole more to help your balance instead of increasing or decreasing speeds.
While for the using technique, every person has a different version. The simplest walking technique is called Nordic walking. When your right foot is stepping on the ground, the trekking pole sticks to the ground, and vice versa. This Nordic walking is usually used in flat surfaces. Use comfortable shoes such as Adidas Terrex Swift R GTX.
Trekking poles have a lot of benefits when you use it for outdoor activities. Such as keeping your body posture, getting rid of thorns and branches that block your way out, and so on. There are also parts of trekking poles that you should know besides the information on how to use trekking poles.