How to Wash a Backpack by Hand

How to Wash a Backpack by Hand

How to Wash a Backpack – Well, washing is actually an easy task, but how to wash a backpack? Since it is a valuable item which everyone needs as an item to carry the things we have, including the wonderful running shoes Hoka One One Clifton 3, the availability of a backpack is crucial. However, though, it can get dirty and it would require cleaning when it happens. Fortunately, cleaning it is not too difficult. Now, let us start cleaning a backpack with our hand, shall we?

Start by emptying your backpack

The first thing you ought to do before cleaning the backpack would be to ensure that it is empty. Emptying the backpack is necessary since some items which are normally inside are not waterproof. Therefore, in order to avoid damaging them, it is best to empty the backpack. Turning the inside of the backpack out is a great way to ensure that it is entirely empty. After that, get a plastic bag to contain the items.

Brush any stains as a pre-treatment

Use any products on the market that are effective to remove stains as a way to start on washing. However, though, you need to avoid using bleach since it can ruin the backpack. By the way, use a toothbrush which is soft to clean.

Mix a bathtub of warm water with some detergent

The next step on how to wash a backpack is to mix warm water with some detergent and make sure it is as much as a bathtub (the detergent must be the gentle type). Then, put the backpack inside and you can start washing it by using a soft brush. Alternatively, you can use a rag, but a soft brush is better since it can thoroughly wash every spot. However, though, using a sponge is a better idea if your backpack is made of a soft material.

Rinse and dry

After finished washing, the next thing to do is to rinse and dry the backpack. When it comes to rinsing, it is imperative that you do it thoroughly since any soap left would ruin your backpack. Using a body towel which has a large size to rinse the backpack is a good idea- simply roll the towel inside the backpack until it forms a tube since it is effective to absorb any water left. Now, put the backpack outside and make sure the sun is hot so that it can get dried quickly. Now, you know how to wash a backpack!