How to Wash a Down Jacket: Machine-Washing and Hand-Washing Options to Choose

How to Wash a Down Jacket Machine-Washing and Hand-Washing Options to Choose

How to Wash a Down Jacket – Since you will always wear your down jacket in cold weather, you must know how to wash a down jacket to get warm easily.


·                    The ways to wash a down jacket is similar to the ways of how to clean a camelback. We have to prepare the materials, tools, and all parts of the camelback—the best hydration pack. 

·                    Before you wash a down jacket,  do a preparation, such as checking the care label inside the jacket. This will give you the information whether it is hand-washed, machine-washed with a certain cycle, or minor cleaning that doesn’t need a full washed, etc. 

·                    Securing the down jacket by removing any items inside the pockets and also securing all the flaps is a must.

·                    Checking all the buttons and button all is necessary. 

·                    Remove mud, dirt, dust, and debris with a clean and dry cloth to make the cleaning process a lot easier. You can clean out the tough stains and oil with the soap special for the down jacket in order not to strip and brittle the feathers.  

·                    For tougher stains, you can apply the soap and soak the jacket for a quarter of an hour. After soaking, squeeze the excess water from the jacket slowly.

Ways to a wash down jacket

If you have finished preparing the jacket, you can choose a hand-washing or a machine-washing option. 

For washing-machine                    

·                    Check the compartment of detergent, see if there is a residue of detergent, and cleanse it. After that, add the soap special for this jacket. Follow the instructions from the manufacturer about the quantity of the soap to apply. 

·                    Before locating the jacket inside the washer of a front-loading, remember that you should wash it alone. After that, set the cycle to delicate and cold wash. For a full process of removing the remaining detergent, you can run the rinse cycle one more time. 

For hand-washing

Add the soap special for a down jacket washing into a sink of cold water. Soak the jacket for fifteen minutes and agitate the jacket back and forth to be able to remove dirt easily. After that, rinse the jacket with cold clean water. Do it one more time until you see no excess soap. You can use your hands or machine with the lowest tumble dry option to squeeze the jacket.  Now you have washed your down jacket, make sure you shake the jacket before you hang it to dry. It is hoped that you can take advantages from the article about how to wash a down jacket.

how to hand wash a down jacket