How to Wash a Sleeping Bag Easily?

How to Wash a Sleeping Bag Easily

How to Wash a Sleeping Bag – How to wash a sleeping bag? A sleeping bag is a very important item for the climbers and doers of other outdoor activities. The item has some layers in which some of them are soft, warm, and comfortable enough for the users. Despite it is important to protect you from the cold weather outside; a good sleeping back can also avoid you from the mosquito and insects’ bites.

By remembering that a sleeping bag is always used in outdoor areas, it must also be easily dirty. Well, you must wash it for sure. How is it? Here are some steps to follow.

Washing the Sleeping Bag Manually

Manual washing is often done by them who want their sleeping back completely clean. Just like washing sports shoes Hoka One OneBondi 5, you must prepare a big bucket with clean water. There is a special cleaning liquid for the sleeping bag to use. But if you cannot find it in the market, you can use the liquid detergent.

Next, close the zipper and buttons of the sleeping bag before being washed. Soak it in the bucket that has been poured by the cleaning liquid. After around 15 minutes, rub the sleeping bag gently particularly the parts with stain or dirt. It is not recommended to brush it since it may damage the surface of the bag. How is if the stain cannot be easily removed? You can brush it a little bit using a toothbrush in which the brush is relatively smoother.

Change the water and rinse the sleeping bag around 2-3 times until the last water is clean and clear. You don’t need to squeeze it but just put it on the area with enough sunshine to let it dry. How to wash a sleeping bag? That’s it.

Using the Washing Machine                  

For you who want to save more time, you can use the washing machine to wash the sleeping bag. Interestingly, it is possible to do it although washing the item manually is still more recommended to keep the materials in a good condition.

So, what are the steps of washing the sleeping bag using the machine? First, put the sleeping bag into the tank of the washing machine. Second, fill in the tank with the clean and cold water and pour the cleaning liquid in it. Different from washing it manually, with the washing machine, the zipper should still be opened. Third, choose the delicate or gentle mode and wash it with one washing cycle only. Put it out from the machine and rinse it using a bucket with the clean water.