Different Ways on How to Wear a Buff

Different Ways on How to Wear a Buff

How to Wear a Buff – There are different ways you can do on how to wear a buff. Buff headwear is a useful item which has multiple uses that you can apply. Definitely, you would not leave this versatile product too far from your reach when you are outside. Now, wearing buffs might be easy, but there are actually multiple ways to wear it. So, are you interested to figure out some of the ways?

  • As a neck warmer

Wearing a buff as a neck warmer is actually the simplest way that you can find when it comes to wearing a buff. A buff is actually better at warming your neck when compared to most conventional scarfs since it rarely causes anyone to feel itchy to an irritation. Besides, you would never to worry about the buff getting unravel or loose since it will constantly stay around your neck to keep it warm. In order to wear a buff as a neck warmer, you just need to keep around the neck of yours, but make sure to pull the buff over the bottom of your chin.

  • As a balaclava

A balaclava is an important headwear when you wish for  protection against cold weather for your head. But if you do not have any real balaclava, then, you do not need to be sad because you can make one with a buff! This one is actually one of the most popular ways on how to wear a buff. By the way, it also offers a good comfort level when you are wearing it beneath your helmet when riding a motorcycle. Start by forming the hood then continue by grabbing the part of the buff below your chin and double it up and over in order to cover your nose.

  • As a hair band

When you are having a marathon wearing a pair of awesome Adidas Terrex Swift R GTX trail boots, you would want to run without any obstructions. Well, you also would never wish your long hair to block your vision when you are on the track, right? Now, wearing a buff as a hair band to keep your hair from getting in the front of your face is actually a good idea! In order to wear it, you need to start forming it like a scarf, but then, you need to pull it up to the forehead. Well, those are the different ways on how to wear a buff!

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