How to Teach Leave No Trace Principles for Kids

How to Teach Leave No Trace Principles for Kids

Leave No Trace Principles for Kids – Teaching all of the seven Leave No Trace Principles for kids is actually very easy. In this article, you will be given the ways to teach all of the principles. Now, let us check all of the principles out!

Principle One: Know Before You go Leave No Trace Principles for Kids

As an adult, do most of the decision-making for the children. Make opportunities for your children to make their own choices since it can be fun for them and it builds their confidence. Ask any advice from your children when planning, including the weather and what clothes to wear if they are old enough. For your clothes, North Face Outer Borough Parka is a good option!

Principle Two: Choose The Right Path

While guiding your children’s power of awareness, always encourage their imaginations. Play some games which require role-playing! Ask them to be any characters who require to observe their surroundings.

Principle Three: Trash Your Trash

Teach your kids to collect your trash. Playing a game which encourages them to accumulate the most litter is very effective to teach them. Always teach your kids the link between trash accumulation and the impact on the environment.

Principle Four: Respect The Wildlife

The Leave No Trace Principles for kids require your kids to be respectful to the wildlife. Teach them to figure out the safe distance between them and the animals they encounter. Put their arm straight front and with their thumb up- if the animal is blocked by the thumb of your children, then, that is the safe distance for them to observe.

Principle Five: Be Careful with Fire

It is good to play a firewood relay race when camping with your children. Gathering the dead firewood is the objective and any of them larger than the wrist of the kids are disqualified. This is important to teach them that firewood must never be larger than their wrists since it would hinder the decomposition process to burn the wood to ash.

Principle Six: Leave What You Find

Use camera to photograph anything on the way- let your children use it. Use any photo collage app to collect them. This trains their memory to remember what the objects they leave outside.

Principle Seven: Be Kind to Others

This one is important; you need to teach your children to stay polite and inclusive when they are playing outside. Show and teach good manners to them all the time and never show any bad behaviors in front of them. Well, those are how you teach the Leave No Trace Principles for kids!

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