Interesting Facts about The Mount of The Holy Cross

Interesting Facts about the Mount of the Holy Cross

Mount of The Holy Cross – Now, we are going to discuss the Mount of the Holy Cross. This mountain has become a popular destination for hikers and adventurers alike. Well, it might not be the highest mountain you can find around the United States or even the world, but it does not make the mountain less interesting to climb. Let us check several interesting facts regarding the mountain, shall we?

Location and How to Access Mount of The Holy Cross

The mountain is located in the state of Colorado and is a part of famous Colorado’s Fourteeners- a collection of mountains which are parts of the northern Sawatch Range of the Rocky Mountain. Well, as mentioned earlier, this mountain is far from being considered as the highest mountain in the country, but it is actually the highest point you can access in Eagle County as well as within the area of the Sawatch Range.

Reaching the mountain can be somewhat difficult since it is pretty elusive for the uninitiated eyes. However, though, most of the year, you can go there by going straight forward from US 24; it is located three miles (4.8 km) south of Minturn. Accessing Minturn can be done by going from the I-70 which is five miles (8 km) west of a humble town named Vail.

The Name Mount of The Holy Cross

Well, how is the mountain called as the Mount of the Holy Cross? You would not imagine that you would find any huge cross on top of it, would you? Well, actually, it is okay to hope for it since the cross indeed exists. In 1873, an adventurer named Hayden Survey managed to be the first person to locate the peak. Not long after, on August 23, 1873, a photographer captured a photograph of the peak which depicted a giant cross formed by snow at the peak of the mountain- hence the name.

The Weather

In terms of weather, well, you better not expect to have a good spot to sunbathe around the mountain. The reason for this is that the weather above the treeline is always very cold- even on the hottest summer day! Therefore, it is advised that you bring warm and thick clothes, such as the North Face Outer Borough Parka! Always be prepared and keep yourself updated with the local weather forecast! It is better that you avoid going to the mountain only by yourself- always get a couple of friends to accompany you when hiking the Mount of the Holy Cross.