About Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer Hooded

About Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer Hooded

Mountain Hardwear ghost whisperer hooded is the lightest jacket with complete features in the market. What about the warmth? Do not be worried, though Mountain Hardware only weighs around 8 ounces, this jacket provides an impressive warmth for your body. Do you want to know more about Ghost Whisperer Hooded from Mountain Hardwear? Keep reading this article.

Mountain Hardwear ghost whisperer hooded The Warmth

When you are looking for a jacket, of course, the warmth is the first thing you should be concerned. A lot of jacket products out there in the market shout out about their lightweights. However, they are not really warm. It is different with Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer jacket. As it is said before, with its 8 ounces weight, 7,68 ounces exactly, this jacket is able to impressively keep your body warm. Its hydrophobic feature works very well with light moisture. Its outer is very strong to block out the wind and light rain. So that the users are able to get a solid warmth with this jacket. For you who look for an amazing alternative besides north face outer boroughs parka, Ghost Whisperer might be a perfect choice for you.

Mountain Hardwear ghost whisperer hooded The Materials

Mountain Hardwear uses soft fabrics with premium quality for both the inside part and outside part of Ghost Whisperer. Though maybe the materials are not as fancy as the ones used in other jackets, it is still very comfortable to wear and not crinkly. Moreover, the construction of this jacket matches very well with the materials. The construction does not have any loose threads. Instead, it has clean and neat lines. Its tight stitches and weaves block any escaping materials and feathers from its place.

Mountain Hardwear ghost whisperer hooded The Durability

Even though the fabric materials used in Ghost Whisperer are very thin, the technique of manufacturing makes this jacket still got great durability. As it is mentioned before, the tight stitches and weaves are not only able to prevent feathers and materials leave its place, but also prevent the jacket from easily torn. However, it tends to be torn if it brushes thorny branches than heavy jackets.  But the amazing lightweight and warmth of Ghost Whisperer from Mountain Hardware should be appreciated, anyway.

Mountain Hardwear ghost whisperer hooded The Size and Fit

The hood has a quite slim cut that can protect you not only from the wind and rain but also excessive heat. Slim but a little bit boxy is probably the best description of the fit of Mountain Hardware Ghose Whisperer hooded.