New Balance Fresh Foam 1080: Buy or Not?

New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 Buy or Not

New balance fresh foam 1080 is a series of road running shoes that consists of 5 different road shoes. This road running shoe is called so because the manufacturer uses the Fresh Foam Technology, an underfoot support system which is super cushioned. The technology is featured in order to make it as the top cushioned running shoes. So that it is very comfortable to use, even for a long time. Below are the reasons whether you should buy this road running shoe or not.

Reasons to Buy

  • New balance road running shoes fresh foam 1080 is claimed to be the most comfortable road running shoes. It is because of the fresh foam technology used in its design. Many users state that they feel comfy wearing this shoe even for all day long.
  • This road running shoe has high durability. It is reliable to be used even for a marathon running or long running.
  • The mesh in the toe part of new balance fresh foam 1080 is wide so that it adjusts very well for those who have a wide forefoot. Moreover, it is able to provide a steady run and ride, and also an efficient transition.
  • The midsole of this road running shoe is supportive and firm.
  • The design is breathable so that your feet are not easily sweating. Though your feet are sweating, it will not cause your feet to be irritated or scratched.
  • The design is also very stylish. You can match it with your north face outer boroughs parka.

Reasons Not To Buy

  • New balance fresh foam 1080 is pricey. If you have a limited budget, you probably will think twice to purchase this shoe.
  • Even though the midsole if supportive, firm, and comfy, it seems not to be as responsive as it claimed.
  • Some users mention that this road running shoe is quite heavy, even though the company claims that new balance fresh foam 1080 is lightweight.

The Upper Part of New Balance Fresh Foam 1080

The 1080 road running shoe from new balance has a large and wide toe box with vertical space. It makes the shoe has a wide and stable platform. The engineered mesh is flexible, soft, and breathable. The midfoot part is more comfortable. It decreases side pressures that can cause irritations. Various shapes of feet should be fit with this new balance fresh foam 1080.