A Quick Review of the North Face Base Camp Duffel

A Quick Review of the North Face Base Camp Duffel

North Face Base Camp Duffel – This article contains a quick review of a bag named North Face Base Camp Duffel. Just like picking the best socks for sweaty feet, picking the best duffel bag can be pretty tricky to do since you will have to consider several aspects. Well, let us read the review thoroughly!

The Design North Face Base Camp Duffel

North Face releases the model as a way to celebrate 30 years of Base Camp Duffel. Therefore, its design would not be too different compared to the models that have been released by the company previously. It is an iconic and simple design with its cylindrical  shape and comes with minimum trims. The material used is     ballistic nylon, a sign that it is a durable bag that you can carry to even the toughest journey and it is able to withstand the rain.

It utilizes the D-shaped YKK zipper to allow you to have a wide entrance when storing items into the bag and it does not break easily. The main compartment of the bag is absolutely large and spacious. Also, you can store the bag easily at home since it can be folded into a compact size.

Features Available

When we are talking about the features that you can find in the North Face Base Camp Duffel, you will find that there are so many of them. The first one would be the detachable backpack straps to allow you carrying it without any discomfort. The next would be the haul handles on all four sides so that it can be lifted easily by two people. Reducing the volume of the bag, by the way, is not a problem when the bag is not completely filled since it comes with compression straps- useful when you are in a place where space is a luxury, like a crowded hall or a bus. And also, you need to know that the bag comes with three variants of volume capacity: the small one with 50L maximum capacity, the medium one with 69L of volume, and the large one with 95L of volume.

Verdict- Aye or Nay?

This bag will fail to disappoint you when you are looking for a duffel bag which is extremely durable. Well, you have previously learned that it is made of ballistic nylon- you understand that it is utterly strong! Unfortunately though, as with all of the things in the world, it is not a perfect bag. Comfort is still an issue for this bag since although it comes with straps, they are pretty basic in shape and there are no hip belts available. Well, the North Face Base Camp Duffel is a perfect bag if you wish for maximum capacity!

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