The North Face Outer Boroughs Parka for Women

The North Face Outer Boroughs Parka for Women

North Face Outer Boroughs Parka – The north face outer boroughs parka review might be considered by women who are looking for a jacket which can help them keep their body warm during the most extreme temperature. The cold temperature surely is not the ideal condition for the human to do various kinds of sale activity. Whether the daily activities or the extreme activities, people need to find the right jacket and it will not be an easy thing at all. Women moreover have more criteria for the right jacket which should be their warm cover. The Boroughs Parka by The North Face vs mcmurdo will provide them with a great offering for sure.

North face outer boroughs parka specification                 

There are so many options of parka which can be chosen from various brands. Nevertheless, north face outer boroughs parka people can make sure that they will not make any wrong choice when they choose boroughs parka by the north face. They even will look for the north face jackets on sale event so they can get the best parka at the best price. One thing for sure, there is no need to wait until the sale season to get this parka if they can get the most benefits of the product as soon as possible. They just need to check the specification of the product to get convinced.

People can find that this parka can offer the ultra-warm cover. This might be the very first reason why they are looking for this product after all. However, there are more features which can be offered by this parka. It is also weatherproof so it will be a perfect choice for any weather especially the cold weather. It is a type of down parka which is completed with the hood which is trimmed with faux fur. It can be a perfect for the head and the face during any type of weather

The function is not the only great offer which can be found the boroughs parka for women provided by The North Face. It can also provide them with a slim fit design which must be a perfect choice for women’s body. There is no question that women love to look great in any season. Of course, they want also look great when wearing a thick parka during the cold season. That is why paying attention to the design must be essential when choosing the best parka.

north face outer boroughs parka

The features offered by this parka are getting further because it is also waterproof yet breathable. It means that people can ensure their comfort when wearing the parka. People must not forget that it comes with the seam sealed DryVent 2L which makes those features possible. The parka is also made from the fabric which is completely windproof so there is no need to worry about wearing it in the windy season. This product also comes with the Responsible Down Standard provided by the Control Union which can ensure its great quality as well as responsibility.

The hood is also adjustable so anyone can find the perfect fit for covering their head. The inner collar is insulated down so the wearer will be able to get additional warmth. The storm flap is doubled and it comes with the snap closure. It is able to cover two ways. It also comes with the center front zip which is made from VISLON. There are adjustment tabs which can be found in the snap of the side waist. The pockets can be the hand warmer since it also comes with the secure zip. There are more pocket features which can be found from the parka for sure. The mitten cuffs for the storm is convertible. The coverage is added further since there is rounded hem with the drop tail. Last but not least, people must notice the brand logos which are embroidered to the parka.

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Because women pay attention a lot to their appearance, they have to make sure that the north face outer boroughs parka can be a great investment not only for providing them with the warm cover but also for supporting their appearance. There is no need to worry because this parka can look great when it is used on a casual occasion. At the same time, it will be a great cover during the cold or extreme weather. It can keep the body warm with its great features. With the waterproof design, the parka will be perfect for wet weather as well. It can also be used for hiking.


Now, north face outer boroughs parka it is the time to hear the comments from the users who have bought this product. They might need to know about how to wash a down jacket for ensuring that the jacket can work great as long as possible. Nevertheless, they should know the good things which can be provided by the boroughs parka from The North Face. People love the fact that this product is comfortable. It means a lot because they might wear it when doing certain activities. The product gets a better review since it also comes with the stylish design. Women surely love it because it will make them look great no matter how bad the weather is. The warmth which can be offered by this parka is not questionable. It is not only about the insulation but also about other details such as the hood, pockets, and so on. The fact that it is windproof and waterproof makes this product much better for sure.

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Cons Although there are many good sides which can be seen from the boroughs parka by The North Face, some people still have cons about this product. The very first con is associated with its price which is pretty expensive, but they cannot complain too much about it because it can give them those amazing features for keeping their body warm and comfortable during the cold weather. There is a review about the zippers which are not good enough. The heavy weight of the parka might not be tolerable for some people although it is caused by those materials which will keep them warm and safe. Last but not least, it is said that the movement might be restricted when wearing the north face outer boroughs parka.