Considering The Old Town Vapor 10 for Rookies to Deal with Flat Waters

Considering the Old Town Vapor 10 for Rookies to Deal with Flat Waters

Old Town Vapor 10 – Another recreational sport you need to try is Kayaking. If you’re new, you’ll need the Old Town Vapor 10 to deal with calmer waters.

Recreational Kayaks

Enjoying the beauty of nature while paddling a Kayak is no doubt one of the most interesting experiences you should have before you die. To do kayaking for the first time, you should have basic skills and experiences. You definitely should have a certain Kayak designed perfectly for slow-moving rivers, protected waters, and any calmer waters. Another thing you need to know about kayaking is when you go kayaking you need to wear for the water and not for the weather since the water temperature may be colder. You cannot forget to wear special gloves for kayaking as well.

The Pros and Cons of the Vapor 10 Kayak

If you love fishing, it is not recommended that you use this Old Town Vapor 10. When we want to buy this Vapor 10 kayak for the very first time, we should know the important things to get the best kayak. It is like we should know how to clean a Camelbak properly to make the hydro pack always in a good condition.

The Pros

  • This kayak is made from durable linear polyethylene that is basically hard to breach and is resilient.
  • This kayak will always be upright in any conditions since it has primary and secondary stability from its width which is 28.5 inches to make this kind of boat easy to move even if you have only a little experience of paddling. Rookies will be very happy with it.
  • The Vapor 10 is able to hold up more-than 325-pound loads. It has a stern well for you to store your gears.
  • This kayak which weighs 48 pounds is quick portage and easy to transport.
  • Its cockpit has a wide mouth, an adjustable foot braces, a drink holder, an adjustable seat, a paddle rest, and knee and thigh pads.  
The Cons
  • Many users say that its seat turns to be unbearable and uncomfortable after a few hours of paddling on the water. This is because its seat lacks padding. To overcome, you can buy a waterproof seat pad at any outdoor activities’ gears outlets.
  • This kayak is not a tandem kayak.
  • This is a recreational Kayak for flat waters only.

Knowing the pros and cons of anything is great to help you decide the best for you. It is greater if the article about the Old Town Vapor 10 gives you clear guidance.