About Patagonia Better Sweater

About Patagonia Better Sweater

Patagonia better sweater ¼ zip is available for both men and women. It is patagonia better sweater ¼ zipa sweater that is made from polyester fleece and suitable to be worn everywhere. Whether you wear it as an outer or middle layer when the weather is getting colder. The Patagonia better sweater is as versatile as north face outer boroughs parka. The manufacturer of this sweater commits to reducing environmental impacts as much as possible. So that Patagonia better sweater uses bluesign fleece which has been approved. Moreover, the process of dying it has a low impact and minimizes the use of energy and water.

The better sweater ¼ zip from Patagonia has an appearance of knitted sweater and fleece interior so that it has a great warmth for your body. Its zip straights up to the collar in order to provide warmth around the neck too. In order to increase the comfort, the Patagonia better sweater also featured raglan sleeves. While micro polyester jersey trim is used in its hem, collar, and cuff so that the shape is kept well. This ¼ zip sweater is also completed with a chest pocket which is also zippered that makes it looks more stylish. You are also able to use the pocket as storage to save your small items.

Patagonia better sweater is available in various sizes and colors. So that you can easily choose one that is suitable for your needs and taste. This sweater is good to wear for hiking, traveling, camping, snow sports, and even daily activities.

The Pros of Patagonia Better Sweater ¼ Zip

  • The better sweater ¼ zip has great durability.
  • Its materials and designs give impressive warmth to the body.
  • This sweater is suitable to be used in any kinds of events. Whether you wear it for working or doing your daily activities. You can even combine it with other apparels such as winter skirts or boots.
  • Because Patagonia better sweater is made from fleece, it is quite waterproof.

The Cons of Patagonia Better Sweater ¼ Zip

  • This sweater is pricey. Many people even wait for special offers or discounts to purchase it.
  • The softness of the better sweater ¼ zip gradually gone. You have to be careful in washing it and choosing the detergent.

Those are the information, pros, and cons, that are able to be your consideration about Patagonia better sweater ¼ zip.