About Rite In The Rain Notebook

About Rite In The Rain Notebook

Rite In The Rain Notebook – If you love to write things down and outdoor activities, then Rite in the Rain notebook might be a suitable tool. During your outdoor activities, there will be many things you will bring such as a tent, a bag full of supplies, a notebook, and maybe your best socks for sweaty feet.

Rite in the Rain notebook thicker paper and suitable for all kind of pen and pencil

Regular pencils and pens can be used to write in the notebook’s paper. The paper itself is thicker than the standard notebook paper and it will shrug off water easily. With that in mind, you can comfortably write things down even if it is raining. But, avoiding water-based pens and products such as highlighters, gel pens, and mountain pens are recommended. This is because they will be washed away with the water. Along the notebook, you will be given a pencil with a 1.1 mm lead thickness. This thicker pencil has a better output when used in a wet condition. You can also opt for using an all-weather pen, which is more suitable for outdoor use considering that normal pen often skips or smudge in a wet condition.


The greatest feature of this notebook is its waterproof ability. The paper is durable even when it is wet and the pen won’t rip or smudge it either. You can easily write things down regardless of the condition. The paper itself is more suitable to be paired with a pencil rather than a pen. The pencil doesn’t smudge, quite hard to erase but doable. Most people usually do a sketch using a pencil before highlighting and filling the sketch with a pen. Another thing about the paper is it won’t get dirty that easily even if it is exposed to sand, dirt, or mud.   

Colors and other features

This notebook from Rite in the Rain also comes in various sizes and colors. So you can pick one that suits with your occupation or field of work be it in military, hunting, fishing, public safety, or sports. For example, you can use a green camo notebook in military work. The color itself won’t ruin your low-profile appearance and it won’t reflect that much light. So the notebook won’t disturb you when you observe people or animal during your work.

Other features included inside the notebook is a simple ruler on the back cover, measurement conversions, and map scales inside the cover of the notebook. With these additional features, Rite in the Rain notebook could be your essential activity equipment along with your tent, bag, food supplies.