Uses of Dry Bags, including the Sea to Summit Dry Bag

Uses of Dry Bags, including the Sea to Summit Dry Bag

Sea to Summit Dry Bag – This article will mention several uses of the dry bag, including the Sea to Summit Dry Bag, which you might not have thought of. Well, of course, most people would have known the main feature of this thing, which is to become a container when you are doing outdoor activities, such as hiking, going on an adventure, or even measuring the magnetic declination by zip code. Now, let us check the other uses!

  • Laundry management

The first unique use of a dry bag that might have never thought of would be to use it for managing your laundry. It is true; separating the dirty clothes from the clean clothes of yours can be done easily by using it. Well, although the activity mentioned earlier is usually pretty annoying and bothersome- especially when you really have to live in some place on a temporary basis. The problem would get worse if your dirty clothes are wet or even stained with soil. You only have to roll the dirty clothes up and put them inside the dry bag you own. The smell, if there is any, would not be a problem since you can clip the top of the dry bag.

  • Cable management

The second use of dry bag like the Sea to Summit Dry Bag would be as a tool to manage the clutter of chargers and cables. Well, when you are on a journey, it can be pretty difficult when it comes to keeping the cables and charges you bring under your control. Although they seem to have a small size, they can actually eat more room than they should and you might end up getting them snagged around on everything that you pack inside your suitcase. Using a dry bag can be a good way to mitigate the problems mentioned earlier! Usually, a dry bag will always be constructed of sturdy material and it is useful to prevent any stray plugs and prongs from getting out of it; you can rely on its waterproof feature as well.

  • Improvised pillow

The last thing which is the use of a dry bag is that it can be used as an emergency pillow. Indeed, when traveling, anyone can carry a travel pillow or the inflatable version. However, though, when you carry neither, you would appreciate a dry bag since it can be used as one. This kind of feature is especially useful when you are stuck in the airport due to a flight delay or just having an unfavorable hotel room which provides no comfortable pillow. Well, those are the other uses of a dry bag including the Sea to Summit Dry Bag!