About The North Face Borealis Backpack

About The North Face Borealis Backpack

The North Face Borealis Backpack – During your hiking or trekking activity, it is suggested that you should bring things such as food, water, clothes, or even your best socks for sweaty feet. To afford many things at once, you should use a durable and spacious bag. The North Face Borealis backpack could be your solution.

The North Face Borealis Backpack Strong Materials and Build

With strong materials used to build the backpack, it could be safe to say that this backpack will last more than a decade with normal usage. The majority of the backpack is made by thick polyester. Thick and durable straps are also well-made. Along with the strong and durable materials, there are several features on the backpack.

A padded belt is available to be worn around your hip. This padded belt will make you easier to bring heavy stuff. Your shoulders will put less weight, which will make your body and bones healthier in a long run. The backpack also has a shrinking compression panel bottom, if the inside of the bag is not full. The compression panel also helps to reduce bag swinging. A mesh pocket is available for extra back support.

Take A Look at Its Padded Interior

The interior of this backpack is quite spacious and it also has a lot of padding. The size is around 25 to 30 liters, so you can fit many things inside the bag such as clothes, food drinks, and many more. There is also a separation inside the bag to store a 15 inches wide laptop. If you use this backpack as you daily gear, it will be a spacious and comfortable backpack.

Although the laptop separation can be quite troublesome, North Face is able to manage this very well. A thick pad is installed on the side of the laptop separation that makes a contact with your back. Therefore, you will have a maximum comfort without having to worry about the laptop that may discomfort you. Aside from that, the thick pad also acts as a barrier to absorb any spill inside the bag.  

The Bungee Cords Are There

There is a section in the North Face Borealis backpack that is quite unique. It is covered with bungee cords, which can be used to carry small to large items that are suitable to be put outside the bag. A water bottle, a tent, or a map holder will be able to be put in the bungee cords.

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