What You Need for Successful Training for a Half Marathon

What You Need for Successful Training for a Half Marathon

Training for a half marathon – It is important to make your body get used for some kilometer running before start a plan of training for a half marathon. Adding some miles each day on your running is better than running for lots miles suddenly. You should pay attention to your body endurance. This won’t be created in just a day or two.

PreparationTraining For a Half Marathon

Training for a half marathon means you have goal to be able in participating for 21 kilometer race. Notice that it’s long enough for common people who just set up their mind for this thing. This is why, before starting a training plan, you should already be used to run for at least 10 – 15 miles a week.

Training for a half marathon usually takes different length time based on what your level is. If you are in advanced level, the plan is estimated to be at least 12 weeks. If you are an intermediate level, the plan can be done usually in 16 weeks. Meanwhile, if you really just a beginner, you should at least take 20 weeks for training.

Selecting the Best Suitable Plan

In matter of setting a training plan, you should be able to determine which plan is the most suitable for you. The schedule of running and body training should be matched your vacant time. You also need to adjust it, so that won’t take your time with your family as well as the rest time you need.

By considering all those factors, the plan you choose should be able to support your improvement both physically and mentally. You should also take note of every steps you have done. This will let you aware of what you’ve achieved.

Building Body Endurance

As I’ve explained before, running lots kilometer in just first try will only harm you since it raises the chance of injure. In order to minimalize the chance of getting injured, you also need to care about what you wear. The comfortable shoes like asics gel nimbus 18 womens will be the best choice to accompany your training for a half marathon.

Even though, running tempo varies depending on what plan you are following, generally it begins with one mile warming up. Then, it continues with running at pace 30 seconds not more than 5k pace. The running will be finished with also one mile of cooling down.

You may feel hard in the initial training, but it’s normal. By doing this tempo, the body will improve the ability to absorb oxygen at the muscle layers and exploit it to produce energy. You may also feel burning sensation in your particular legs. This marks of endurance you are working on. Now, that you already have a plan, you should follow it carefully. Ask a coach to supervision would be very wise.