What is A Topographic Map?

What is A Topographic Map

What is a topographic mapWhat is a topographic map? A topographic map is a map that has typical characteristics which are characterized by large scales and details. This kind of map usually uses contour lines in a modern mapping. This topographic map generally consists of 2 maps or more which are combined in order to create an entire map. A topographic map is a special map that does not give a lot of information. The information provided by this map is only the appearance of nature or the high and low form of the earth’s surface.

If we look at common maps, there are many colors on the maps. Such as green, brown, yellow, and red. But the thing is different with a topographic map. A topographic map is not rich in colors. This kind of map has the least colors. The colors are usually only white and yellow with clear lines. This map does not have many colors because of the provided information. The basic information provided by a topographic map is limited to the contour of the lands. So that the contour lines should be clearly printed. This way, the readers can understand the content of the map. A topographic map is also made to provide information such as whereabouts, locations, distances, population locations, travel routes, and communications. This is why this kind of map is used by outdoor lovers who use Hoka One One Clifton 4.

A topographic map is not used by general people but by certain institutions. This map has special characteristics that other types of maps may not have. The particular characteristic is the presence of smooth yet firm lines on the map. These lines are contour lines. These contour lines are numerous and filling the topographic map. Contour lines are a combination of two interconnected but not intersecting line segments. This is an elevation point on a topographic map so that we clearly know the condition of one specific area.

Another characteristic of a topographic map is the use of a large scale. A scale is a size comparison between what is in the picture and the actual situation. Why does a topographic map use a large scale? It is for the sake of the information that should be provided. A topographic map informs about the contour of lands so that it must be drawn carefully. This way, the real topography of lands can be clearly known. Those are the information about what is a topographic map.

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