Running Tips: What to eat before a Run


What To Eat Before A Run – So, are you interested in a topic which discusses what to eat before a run? Aside from the fact that you should wear the most comfortable sportswear- Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17 Women is a good example, you also need to eat several foods before you go for a race. Well, this article will provide you with the information you would definitely need!

What to eat

Well, before we can start talking about the food you can eat before you can perform a run; let us first talk about a term named carbo-loading. If you are an experienced runner, then, it is highly doubtful that you have never heard of the term before. Well, if you really have never heard about it, then, you do need to worry- we will explain! The term refers to a commonly practiced habit that a runner should consume a lot of carbohydrate-rich foods (for example, rice, pasta, and baked potatoes) before he/she starts running on the following day since it is believed that this practice can fuel up a racer so that he/she can perform a long-stretched race without any difficulties. However, though, does the practice work in real life?

Does it work?

As mentioned earlier, carbohydrate-rich foods are believed to be what to eat before a run. Well, if we look at the theory and dissect it, then, it is safe to say that it works. Your body will naturally store up any carbohydrate intakes into the muscles as well as the livers of yours when you are eating a food that is rich in carbohydrates- for example, potatoes and pasta. The carbohydrates, which are stored inside your muscles and liver, are transformed into glycogen and it will become the source of energy that is easily taken by your body so that your body would not get exhausted. In short, the glycogen inside your body is the fuel that will be used by your body to fuel it up. If it gets spent, you will suffer from some shortcomings like fatigues and drowsiness.

How to consume So, all you have to do is to consume carbohydrates by consuming enough amount of carbohydrates to keep you fueled. Storing as much glycogen as possible is also the thing you really need to do in order to reach peak performance. To make you easier, you will need to ensure that your meals always contain some foods that are rich in carbohydrates. Well, such foods are usually tasty. Therefore, arranging what to eat before a run is easy!